How to get it open

Look under everything: Manufacturers are really sneaky when it comes to protecting their devices. Often times, you may find that you cannot open up a laptop because there’s some invisible screw that you can’t find. Most of the time, manufacturers hide these screws under the Model sticker, the Windows License sticker, the Keyboard, and also the rubber pads on the bottom of the laptop. If you can’t find the screw, take those off or probe the stickers with a screw driver to see if you can find any holes.

There’s no screws left and its still not coming off: Sometimes not everything holding it together is screws. Another trick manufacturers use is creating something I like to call “bolt screws.” all these are, are screws, but instead of a head attached on top, there is a large hexagonal shape (usually for screwing in another screw) that when you twist with pliars, undoes the last screw to open the back of the laptop…this is fairly uncommon.

OK, I’m not crazy, its still not coming apart: Not to worry. Most laptops are like this, but some are more difficult than others. Something manufacturers do just for ease of assembly is start off with a “snap on” case. So that the machines can easily put the components together, and snap everything on tight without having to hold the jigsaw together. Then they put the screws in. Look for seams on the sides of the laptop that tell you where the top and bottom separate, and use a really small flathead screwdriver to lightly pry the two sides apart. Its OK to use a little force, but be careful, most of the time the plastic will bend easily if you apply too much force.