Step 3

RESEARCH!!!: one of the most important aspects of this project is research. Almost 99% of anything you run into when working on a broken computer can be answered by a Google search. If you are completely lost, don’t try something you aren’t sure will work until you research it. Time and time again, I have found myself trying to take apart a laptop the hard way (and usually breaking it) when a simple Google search would have told me about the hidden manufacturer screws that were designed just for the purpose of not letting amateurs in.


Don’t be afraid to experiment. That is how I got my start on technology. It is a good idea to take a few computers that are either too old to be useful or too far beyond repair to disassemble so you have a better understanding of how to take apart a laptop. Many computers are assembled in the same basic way, so disassembling a few will give you some insight on how manufactures put them together. Try taking them apart, and putting them back together successfully to see if you can do it, knowing that it isn’t a big deal if you break the computer.