Step 6

Start Branching out: At this point in the project you should have a good grasp of technology and working with it. This is when you need to BEGIN getting your project recognized outside your school district or community. The first (and probably easiest) way of doing this is building a website. There are many different places to do this, WordPress offers free blog sites hosted through their domain, and also offers a good website layout. I would recommend buying your OWN website however because this will allow you to have your own web address, and makes it easier for people to find your website when they hear you on the radio or read about you in the newspaper. I personally recommend Total Choice Hosting…they offer really good prices on hosting your website and getting a domain name. The total cost only adds up to about $60 per year!

Here are a few helpful sites for you to get started on   (This site explains how to set up your own website and use WordPress as a platform for it.)   (This is the domain and hosting company that I recommend using. The how-to above mentions a few other ones, but to save time and money, purchasing your domain and hosting through one company saves a lot of time. Total Choice is my favorite mostly because of the customer service and ease of use)

(If you are really interested in starting up a project like this, and want a website underneath my domain,, send me an email and we can discuss your idea further. )