Step 7

Let r’ Rip: This is when it becomes nerve-wracking.


Now you take your project to a whole new level and go citywide. Obviously, if you live in Los Angeles or a similar metropolitan area, this is most likely a bad idea. In that particular case, a better idea is sticking to your greater community. For me, in Missoula Montana, I went to the local media (radio, television, newspaper) and had them publish or broadcast a small segment on my project. Many local news organizations will do this for you if you are kind and PROFESSIONAL! You are a high schooler doing a non profit service project that could majorly benefit the community, and usually radio stations and newspapers will give you a small segment of airtime or column space to talk about this. Before you do this though, you MUST have a plan. The people who you are going to be broadcasting to are not going to give you their time if you are not organized. Have a plan ready, and make sure you sound confident and have ALL the answers when you start this. At this point, it is almost GUARANTEED that you will have a larger amount of laptops than what you can handle. Developing a team to handle them all is usually a good idea, and also helps out your fellow friends with volunteer hours, which is a great resume builder for them.