About Me

Hi, my name is Christian Brett Klingler. I am currently a junior at Loyola Sacred Heart high school. My family is originally from Eastern Montana and we currently reside in Missoula. I was born in Singapore while my father was working overseas and have lived in Singapore, Thailand and the United States during my first 16 years of my life. I enjoy working with computers, playing soccer and having a good round of golf in the summer. I began experimenting with desktops at a young age, disassembling computers and electronics and putting them back together. I have always had an acute interest in technology, especially computers, and how they have the power to enrich and better our lives. To that end, I want to solicit used laptops that are either old or not functioning to refurbish them and donate the laptops to underpriviledged individuals. A laptop computer is a necessity in today’s society and though they can be costly to purchase, my goal is give underprivileged people the opportunity to own a laptop with the objective of positively enhancing their lives.