IMG_9965My name is Keegan Nicholson. I started Laptops for Students as a Junior at Loyola Sacred Heart High School, and am now a Sophomore at Montana State University in Bozeman. I play and compose music for the piano and pipe organ, and always enjoy a good round of golf in the summer. I also love fishing and working on vintage cars. But I have always had an keen interest in working with computers, both the hardware and software, and have found that I am very good at refurbishing people’s old computers to make them run almost like new. I decided my freshman year to take this skill and put it to use with a service project benefitting students who did not have enough money to afford a laptop. In today’s world, having some kind of computer is almost always a requirement, and therefore an expensive necessity. Through donations and a lot of research, I started taking in old laptops, regardless of whether they were broken beyond repair, or possibly fixable. I scrap the old irreparable machines for parts, and use them to refurbish the machines that I salvage. I created this website to show others that this is a very simple project that can be accomplished by students everywhere.